CEO Succession in a Changing World

Change is difficult but it also creates opportunities. Boards that find the right CEO have a chance to put the organization on the path to value creation for years to come.

Boards of directors have always had to exercise care when managing CEO succession in order to find someone able to navigate change and adversity while also moving the company toward a better future. This mandate has not changed. What has changed is the pace and type of change CEOs are likely to face.

In a world where the core challenges of running a successful enterprise continue to evolve, CEOs must possess or have the ability to develop an array of new types of knowledge, capabilities and insight necessary to secure their organizations’ futures on behalf of shareholders and other stakeholders.

Finding and developing this type of executive talent has always been an existential challenge for companies. When a new CEO turns out to be the wrong person to lead a company, the fallout can be considerable and it can even happen to otherwise well-run organizations.

In this new in-depth article, we share keys to:

  • Finding sustainable CEO talent
  • Developing an effective new succession planning process
  • Choosing the right selection committee
  • Identifying the candidates for the best fit

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