Diversity Pledge


Ferguson Partners Diversity Pledge

Being committed to diversity and inclusion is great, but what happens after the pledges and commitments are made? Having diversity representation is important, and absolutely needed; however, the missing link that is often neglected, is whether employees have a sense of belonging. Next, nothing happens without action! Organizations need to create a culture of inclusion to provide equal opportunity in hiring, promotions, and pay, and to achieve diverse representation. And finally, enlisting the help of employees and allowing them to give their input will encourage them to be more invested.

At Ferguson Partners, we recognize that we must practice what we preach. We are leaders in the industry in addressing diversity efforts through our recruiting activities across Boards of Directors and executives alike. We have established a track record that is second to none. But we know we can do more within our own firm.

To that end:
We are committed to increasing diversity within Ferguson Partners by recruiting talented applicants with valuable experiences from different races, religions, genders, sexual orientations, and other under-represented groups and hiring more people of diverse backgrounds in our firm to achieve and exceed their full potential

We have formed a Diversity Committee that will be evaluating charitable partnerships with local not-for-profits committed to improving the lives of minorities.

We will soon be launching a partnership with a prominent Black-focused real estate industry group to foster improving representation on Boards of Directors and leadership teams – stay tuned for details!

Interrupting racism takes courage and intentionality. Our learning is never complete.

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