Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is no longer a niche opportunity but a fundamental responsibility for companies to be competitive in today's global markets.

Progressive companies must operate with a clear purpose and a deliberate approach to ESG in order to yield long-term success for all stakeholders, including employees, stockholders and communities.

ESG is a multi-decade initiative; industry leaders are setting measurable and auditable impact targets alongside financial returns. Tangible action plans include integrating ESG best practices into daily operations, developing an ESG platform, and committing to ESG reporting and partnerships.

The successful execution of ESG strategies requires the right team that varies for each organization and increasingly is comprised of more senior and distinct roles.  Larger, more complex companies often have dedicated individuals that play a more strategic role, such as a Head of ESG, Sustainability, or Impact Investing. Other firms may use a multi-pronged approach comprised of current executives overseeing ESG strategy with support from director-level roles.

Ferguson Partners is a leader in the emerging ESG landscape with industry-leading search experience across the spectrum of ESG-related roles. Our team has a deep understanding of effective organizational and leadership mandates, and the capabilities ESG leaders must bring to create sustainable value and consistently outperform their peers.

ULI Sustainability Outlook 2022

Ferguson Partners is proud to collaborate with the Urban Land Institute's Center for Sustainability to develop the ULI Sustainability Outlook 2022, featuring global industry leaders sharing the topics that will be shaping sustainability for real estate in 2022. What sustainability topics and issues are on the rise, why do they matter, and what should the industry do about it?

Read the Sustainability Outlook 2022 here.


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New Research: ULI Global Sustainability Outlook 2022

Ferguson Partners is proud to partner with the Urban Land Institute for Global Sustainability Outlook 2022.  What sustainability topics and issues are on the rise, why do they matter, and what should the industry do about it?  On the basis of the knowledge shared by expert interviews, the report identified five issues that will shape real estate decision making in the months ahead and beyond.

View the report.

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