Get the right talent for finance and tax.

We recognize that top financial talent drives the success of every business. When searching for the next member of your financial team, we screen our exclusive pool of candidates to identify potential hires who befit your business’s unique needs and culture. Our extensive database includes qualified individuals specializing in audit, risk management, investor relations, and financial planning and analysis, among other areas of financial expertise.

Our complete service offerings include the recruitment of Chief Financial Officers, Chief Accounting Officers, Heads of Finance, Heads of Tax, Controllers, and other financial leaders. Looking at a potential candidate’s background and skills through a sharp lens, we rigorously vet them for their proven track record, financial reporting prowess, and technical literacy. We also meticulously assess leadership qualities, strategic acumen, investor-facing experience, and risk- management capabilities.


In addition, our unique and comprehensive service includes a spectrum of leadership, management, and compensation consulting services to give you the complete profile you need to make a well-informed decision.

We are also available to help you address your tax leadership needs. If you’re looking for top-end talent to address matters like tax strategy, compliance, or structures, we have the expertise and experience to find your next tax leader.

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