From Commitment to Accountability: Why Diversity Matters

Diversity in the workplace is good for business. This concept seems to be broadly accepted and is the
foundation for inclusion initiatives documented in studies by global research organizations, as well as
anecdotal evidence.

  • McKinsey’s “Diversity Matters” analysis found a significant relationship between more diverse
    leadership and financial performance in global corporations.
  • Catalyst, a management consultancy, reported that Fortune 500 companies with more women
    on their Boards tend to be more profitable.
  • Credit Suisse notes a correlation, but not a causal link, between Board inclusiveness and
    stock price.

Nevertheless, greater diversity in the Boardroom and in top management has been slow to evolve. In
2015, fewer than 20% of Board seats in the US’s largest public companies were held by women and,
although 44% of all employees in Fortune 500 companies are women, they occupied only a quarter of
senior executive roles

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