General Counsel

Astute legal talent solutions for a complex business environment.

In today’s global business landscape, risk management rarely exists outside the legal function. Beyond overseeing tax and contracts, the General Counsel is considered a strategic partner and advisor, an individual with the broad-based knowledge to identify internal and external growth opportunities and beneficial transactions for the business.

When recruiting General Counsel, Senior Counsel, and other legal professionals across the real assets industries, we proceed with a thorough understanding of how the role and the industry are evolving. In addition to assessing a candidate’s technical legal knowledge and track record, we evaluate for strategic business acumen, risk management, compliance, operational skills, leadership abilities, and cultural fit. Our ability to engage and successfully place the most qualified candidates from both law firms and corporations, across a variety of sectors, is a testament to the relationships and trust we have built with top-tier talent, both within and outside of the industry.

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