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We recruit and retain diverse candidates who enhance business performance.

Industry research shows that companies with diverse leadership teams consistently outperform their competitors. Our Executive Search consultants help our clients in the multifamily, senior housing and commercial real estate sectors attain the competitive edge and social progress that diverse leadership fosters. We pledge that diversity candidates will constitute at least 25 percent of our initial candidate slate, whether for high-ranking positions or entry-level management roles.

Our diversity services distinguish us from our competitors even after our clients hire their finalist candidates. We partner with our Leadership Consulting team to offer onboarding or executive coaching services for diverse Directors and C-Suite leaders. Given that up to one-half of new CEOs fail due to lack of proper onboarding, our services provide additional support for companies during times of transition and enable diverse candidates to contribute their unique voices to their organizations.

With an unwavering commitment to quality and fairness, we secure candidates who redefine institutions and advance strategic objectives.

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