Effective governance frameworks clearly delineate decision-making authorities and responsibilities across key stakeholder groups, including management, owners/shareholders, and Boards of Directors (where such bodies exist). For founder-led businesses, governance considerations often relate to internal committees, such as Investment Committees, Management Committees, and/or Operating Committees. For companies with more diversified ownership (both public and private) and/or those that are approaching a period of leadership transition, Boards provide a critical mechanism for oversight and counsel. Boards play a crucial role as fiduciaries for shareholders, as well as sounding boards for management teams, lending extensive expertise and real-world experience to company operations. Sophisticated, structured Boards have become all the more important in recent years given the ever-increasing focus on ESG-related topics.

Ferguson Partners' Management Consulting practice is an experienced advisor on effective governance practices, ranging from Board formations to assessments of long-established Boards. We work with our clients to develop Board procedures that are consistent with established governance best practices while also accounting for the unique needs of the business, including consideration of Board composition and mix, operations, meeting mechanics and materials, and culture, among other relevant topics. Our goal is to help our clients develop Board practices that further their overall effectiveness, strengthen oversight mechanisms for shareholders, and withstand scrutiny from external stakeholders.

Selected governance offerings:

  • Board formation advisory
  • Board assessments
  • Facilitation of Board self-assessments
  • Internal governing bodies and best practices
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