Hiring Forecast 2021

Following a year filled with unprecedented challenges, we look to the forces that will shape the industry in 2021, informed by the work and insights of our global team. In Ferguson Partners’ Hiring Forecast 2021, we share key hiring trends expected to be top of mind this year.

A snapshot of those included:

Succession planning remains a significant global trend across the real estate industry, impacted by COVID-19 and the global financial crisis (GFC). Market, talent, and internal dynamics have caused organizations to rethink and reconfigure existing succession plans.

Diversity and inclusion is a critical priority. Firms across the globe are seeking diverse talent at every level of the organization with gender and ethnic diversity as key priorities. This impacts all roles, and to fill them talent must often be found outside the industry.

Environmental, social and governance will continue to grow in importance due to investor demand and will drive hiring of sustainability/ESG leaders who will adhere to practices that assist with attractive valuations. There will be considerable demand for leaders committed to ESG integration.

Technology roles will keep pace with the robust adoption of tech within companies. Cloud computing, big data, and e-commerce are priorities and will demand this talent, while other roles are in high demand: data analysts, scientists, AI and machine learning specialists, digital transformation experts, and more. Remote workforce models are accelerating and as businesses digitally transform, reskilling and upskilling are key.

Infrastructure will see high demand for investor talent with sector-specific networks and the ability to put capital to work. ESG will also be critical, with a need for talent experienced in renewables/climate investing. The pandemic has illuminated a need for connectivity, driving demand for talent possessing digital infrastructure investing experience.

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