Human Resources

Capitalize on the evolution of the CHRO role.

People have never had more choice with regard to where and how they want to work. The focus on workplace behaviors and culture has never been greater. How do you navigate these new realities to drive opportunity? A highly capable and intuitive Chief Human Resource Officer (CHRO) or Chief People Officer (CPO) is an essential part of the equation. So are the CHRO's/CPO's direct reports and leaders of other critical HR functions including Heads of Compensation, Directors of Talent Acquisition, and Directors of Diversity and Inclusion, among others.


We specialize in identifying and recruiting first-rate Human Resources and People leaders who can transform human capital into a decided advantage. This once process-focused role now has far-reaching implications and requires a broader skillset. The new breed of Human Resources and People leader must now engage with senior leadership including the CEO, CFO, and Board to help cultivate company strategy, innovation, talent acquisition, employee engagement and retention, culture, values and growth.

How Does One Find Such a Candidate?

With our global network and senior expertise in this area, we bring you uniquely qualified Human Resources and People leaders that will spearhead diversity and inclusion, talent management, talent acquisition, compensation, sustainability, best practices and more. We diligently work across the real estate, hospitality, infrastructure, engineering and construction, and innovation and technology industries with a robust understanding of the potential they could unleash with human capital.

With a keen focus on fostering cultural and reputational excellence, we help progressive organizations identify and integrate Human Resources and People executives who can take growing companies to the next level while building the professional, harmonious and inclusive work environment that is fast becoming a prerequisite for business success.

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