Organizational Advisory

Team Effectiveness

The effectiveness or dysfunction of a team can have a dramatic effect on business performance. Each team and organization has its own unique dynamics and culture; therefore our approach is designed to meet the group’s specific needs. When working with a team, we identify the collective strengths and development areas, as well as areas of untapped performance and significant blockers to success. We then build a bespoke program to ensure the team is aligned around business objectives, understands how to deliver, and is effective in managing internal and external relationships.

Leadership Development Programs

We believe leaders cast long shadows that impact the entire organization and leadership development programs should help leaders understand these shadows. Our approach challenges leaders to become more effective by applying unique strengths in new ways — not cookie-cutter skill building. We create situations for leaders to apply their learnings across a range of contexts — both inside and outside the workplace. Our goal is to help participants achieve a genuine understanding of their values, strengths, and development opportunities as individuals and team members.


We believe top leaders set the organizational tone and people follow if they are given the opportunity to co-author their culture. Thus, we partner closely with the leadership team to define values and behaviors that exemplify success, access & build capability, and embed newfound values into the fiber of the organization. Our customized approach is grounded in empirical research and our deep history of helping organizations develop and embed cultural transformations. We are structured — but not rigid — flexible, and focused on long-term organizational sustainability.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Traditional diversity programs often fail because they target people’s thoughts and actions in a command-and-control fashion. It is a mistake to rely on one-off, check the box exercises like mandatory training, subjective performance ratings, and ill-used hiring tests — all in an effort to “count heads” without making the “heads count.” That’s why we combine an empirical research approach with a deep industry perspective to create programs that focus on what others neglect: the importance of creating an inclusive, not just a demographically diverse, organization. Our process can include a combination of D&I strategy creation, focus groups, 1:1 work with leaders who set the model for what inclusion means for the organization, team-based workshops, diversity charters, and customized initiatives to embed the organization’s inclusion philosophy.

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