Corporate Officers Practice

Optimizing communication for a digital economy.

As companies invest in next-generation technologies, Corporate Communications, Investor Relations, and Marketing must align.

Beyond managing brand, reputation, and investors, the Chief Digital Marketing Officer (CDMO) must be forward-thinking about the entire real assets lifecycle of investment, development, and asset management. With a vision for integrating digital strategies into every facet of communication, the CDMO leads with a broad understanding of how technology is reshaping the priorities of all stakeholders.

We present our clients with CDMO candidates who have experience in a myriad of industries and a proven track record of creating effective digital marketing initiatives. We understand that selling and shaping your business’s brand requires talent who view every individual campaign as an opportunity to promote your business’s image. By interviewing multiple references for each prospective candidate, we commit to finding the ideal CDMO who will define your marketing strategy and tout a unified message across multiple platforms.

In addition to CDMO placement, our practice offers recruitment services for senior marketing positions including Chief Communications Officer, Chief Experience Officer and Chief Product Officer – critical roles that continue to evolve at the fast pace of digital innovation.

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