The Test is Now Upon Us

Your leadership has been put to the test . . . how did you do?

For leaders, it's been said to “never waste a crisis," and the  global pandemic has provided both crisis and opportunity.

In a time of crisis, being a good leader is simply not enough — you either rise to greatness and lead your organization or risk its future livelihood. But what truly differentiates such great leaders? And can good leaders step up to greatness during times when their companies need them most?

William J. Ferguson’s The Test is Now Upon Us profiles the real estate industry’s greats, as well as visionaries across all industries, revealing how each took an organization to the top of its game, driving success and turning tough times into prosperous ones.

Gain leadership insights from the all-time great heads of real estate and all other industries

Learn the key differentiators for emerging and future leaders to steer through tough times

100% of sale proceeds go to LEAD, a national program preparing high-potential, diverse youth for high school, college, and careers. 

"The real estate community has cultivated many capable and forceful leaders. Bill Ferguson has captured the personal and business characteristics which symbolize their success."

- Glenn Rufrano, Chief Executive Officer and Director, VEREIT

For Business Teams

How do leaders emerge from within teams? What recognizable qualities elevate them? The Test is Now Upon Us is a helpful guide for leaders looking to inspire team members to meet challenges and drive successful results.

For Academic Programs

The Test is Now Upon Us features practical leadership lessons for the academic setting; students will gain an understanding of both evergreen leadership tenets and relevant, contemporary insights from leaders meeting today's challenges.

For Aspiring Future Leaders

For those with future leadership aspirations, The Test is Now Upon Us offers clear, direct advice for the succession track, and what future leaders must understand en routes to the top job — exactly which qualities are required to make it there.


William J. Ferguson

William J. Ferguson serves as Chairman and CEO of Ferguson Partners. He is the author of four books:

  • The Wisdom of the Titans: Secrets of Success from Entrepreneurs Who Rose to the Top
  • Keepers of the Castle: Real Estate Executives on Leadership and Management
  • Market Discipline — The Competitive Advantage: Lessons from Canada's Real Estate Leaders
  • Leading for the Long Term: European Real Estate Executives on Leadership and Management


The reviews are in...

"Informative, entertaining, essential"

“Right on time for the current crisis, Bill Ferguson’s new book examines the most important tenets of leadership – those that successfully get organizations through their most difficult periods. Sharing career experience and that of industry and business leaders that have navigated significant tests to thrive on the other side, the book is informative, entertaining and essential to today’s current moment, and how to be strongly positioned for the future.“

- Bruce Flatt, Chief Executive Officer, Brookfield Asset Management


"Captures the essence of what makes great leaders"

"Bill Ferguson captures the essence of what makes great leaders not only in the real estate business but in business in general. Bill has meticulously analyzed and accurately described those attributes which elevate these leaders above the rest. I would heartily recommend Bill’s book to anyone who is interested in what it takes to be an outstanding leader and how to manage an organization to achieve exceptional results."

- Bud Lyons, Lead Director, Prologis

"Sincerity and concern"

 “Spotlights the qualities resulting in efficiency and success for business leaders. The book is particularly of interest since it is written by Bill Ferguson, who has seen it all in over four decades of giving advice and counsel to many and always with sincerity and concern for the interest of his clients."

- Milton Cooper, Executive Chairman, Kimco Realty Corporation

"Expert guidance"

"Reminds us all of the importance of humility in leadership. It offers expert guidance to those looking to inspire trust, dedication and confidence in their teams and empower their organizations in our rapidly changing times. It is definitely worth reading for anyone, from a new entrant into the workforce to executives across sectors."

- Jon Gray, President and Chief Operating Officer, Blackstone


100% of proceeds from sales of The Test is Now Upon Us will go to LEAD. LEADership, Education and Development is committed to developing generations of life-long learners with the capacity to contribute to human-kind, equipped to "think differently" about how they learn, when they learn and the relevancy and application of what they learn. Visit LEAD.

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