Client Testimonials

Industry leaders share their experiences working with our global team.



"We have worked with Ferguson Partners in the Asia Pacific region for the past 10 years. One of the most important things about the relationship is their deep understanding of our organizational needs and development, and the advice they provide around the recruitment process to that end. They have assisted in recruiting many of our most talented and successful team members across multiple disciplines. Their insights into and focus on the real estate sector set them apart, and they act like true partners who are invested in the success of our business."

David Schaefer, Managing Director, Head of AEW Asia


"Ferguson Partners has been a valued and trusted partner to AvalonBay for over 20 years. During that time we’ve relied on them time and again for many of the services they offer including executive recruiting, compensation, training and coaching. The depth and breadth of their expertise in the real estate industry, along with their commitment to their clients, set them apart. Bill and his team are truly exceptional."

Timothy J. Naughton, President and Chief Executive Officer


“We’ve enjoyed a long and productive history. They consistently provide a high level of service and remain an important partner as we continue to develop our organization.”

Fred Seigel, President and Chief Operating Officer


“Ferguson Partners has been a strategic partner of mine as well as the leadership team at Berkshire Residential Investments, providing insightful information on employee development, executive compensation and benchmarking strategies, partnering with us to grow management and leadership strength through talent search and executive training projects. Their partnership, understanding of our business/industry and execution of projects has allowed us to move quickly and efficiently to remain competitive across the real estate sector."

David J. Olney, Chief Executive Officer


“A valuable partner to Blackstone. The team’s deep expertise and knowledge of the real estate sector has been particularly useful in helping us navigate and understand the growing opportunities in Asia.”

Chris Heady, Chairman of Asia Pacific & Head of Real Estate Asia



"We have worked with Ferguson Partners in the U.S., Europe and Asia and across their different business units of Executive Search, Compensation Consulting, Leadership Consulting and Management Consulting. Their global focus on human capital in Real Assets is second to none and, importantly, they are able to deliver this global network to us in a joined-up way."

Sophie van Oosterom, former Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer, EMEA

“What has made Bill and (the firm) unique for CBRE is their ability to grasp the global, diversified nature of our company and overall strategy.  It is rare to find a recruiting firm that can have talent knowledge spanning several continents and across varying lines of business in the real estate industry.  They have these capabilities and have been trusted partners for our company for many years.”

Daniel Queenan, Global Chief Executive Officer, Advisory Services



"The human capital team at Ferguson Partners was great at listening to what we hoped to find in an HR professional, as well as pushing us to consider additional or different skillsets than we had originally contemplated. They were then able to  source interesting and diverse candidates that allowed us to see the full potential of great HR talent. Most importantly, I looked forward to (discussing) the sourced candidates as well as hearing their suggestions and experiences dealing with various human resource issues."

Gwyn McNeal, Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Officer


"We genuinely believe Ferguson Partners to be our most trusted advisor and our ‘go-to’ recruitment/search firm for any critical hiring needs. Ferguson Partners truly acts with a sense of partnership and differentiates themselves in their depth of knowledge in the real estate investment management industry and their nuanced understanding of the Asian region."

Calvin Chou, Managing Director and Co-Chief Investment Officer


"My experience with Ferguson Partners over the past 5 years has been nothing short of exceptional.  The tools they have provided to me and the organization at large have been a tremendous benefit to the company as well as my personal growth."

Ross Cooper, President and Chief Investment Officer


"LaSalle Investment Management has a long and deep relationship with Ferguson Partners spanning over twenty years and all regions of the world. We particularly value their focus and deep knowledge of the real estate sector. We also believe the integrated combination of search, compensation consulting, benchmarking and strategic consulting expertise provides Ferguson Partners with an unparalleled level of insight into our industry."

Jeff Jacobson,  former Global Chief Executive Officer


“We have worked with Ferguson Partners in the US, Europe and Asia for over 10 years and found their global focus on Real Assets to be highly relevant and insightful for us. Their ability to act in a joined up and highly professional manner means that we as a global client get the information and service we need to make the right decisions for our key stakeholders. They are highly creative and personable which means we are always keen to hear from them with ideas that could help improve our platform further.”

Michael Sales, Head of Nuveen Investments, Nuveen Investments, Inc.


"Over the 15 years I have known Max he has been one of the very few people I trust to give unbiased, insightful and informed advice on my own career as well as broader HR challenges in business. Ferguson Partners differentiate themselves by being trusted advisors to the real estate industry. They act with total discretion and confidentiality and I very much see them as a confidant and a partner, not a recruiter. They are amongst the most well-networked in the real estate industry and always have insightful perspectives. They are one of the few recruitment firms that I see as a true real estate industry participant."

Rahul Ghai, Managing Director


"Ferguson Partners was an excellent choice to use as our search partner.  Having used other search firms in the past, I found their approach refreshing, professional and thorough. The candidates presented were of high quality and their assessment of candidates helped us to find the ideal person for our key leadership role. The team was a pleasure to work with and I appreciated their honesty, integrity and solid understanding of the market."

Marc Farrugia, Senior Vice President, Culture & Innovation


"As a newly minted spin-off, our challenge was to support leaders that were elevated into new roles and develop a culture that was separate and distinct from our legacy organization.  The team brought a complete solution of strategic human capital advice, practical application frameworks and executive coaching that enabled us to define our culture, communicate it to our employees and implement tangible actions and measures to reinforce it.”

Raymond J. Lewis, President, Chief Executive Officer and Director



"Waterton has enjoyed a strong business relationship with Ferguson Partners for over 5 years. Ferguson Partners provides Waterton with practical and thoughtful advice which helps us make significant decisions regarding the strategic direction of our firm. The team at Ferguson Partners understands our vision for Waterton, and utilizes its market expertise and familiarity with our culture to help us source top talent and provide leadership coaching for our executives."

Erin H. Ankin, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer

A National Gaming and Hospitality Organization

"While we are a nationwide enterprise, our company prides itself on the unique workplace culture that was established by our founders – a culture that is built upon respecting and valuing every person who works for us. The professionals at Ferguson Partners play an invaluable role in helping us preserve this culture, coaching our executive and management teams how to effectively manage our team members with respect and empathy. We greatly value their perspective and contributions, and would gladly endorse them to any organization looking to build a skilled and empathetic management team."

- Chief Executive Officer

A Global Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

"As both a REIT CEO and an independent board member, I have utilized the broad-based capabilities of Ferguson Partners. The Ferguson professionals have always been thoughtful, thorough and responsive- and produced high value-add results for boards and executive officers."

- Chief Executive Officer, Board Director

A Large National Real Estate Firm

“Our business has benefitted from using the insight and assistance of multiple functions within Ferguson Partners.  Over many years they have been a great asset to our organization.” 

- Chief Executive Officer


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