Engineering + Construction

Gain a profound understanding of a rapidly transforming industry.

Our Architecture, Construction + Engineering practice is dedicated to helping clients thrive in a business landscape disrupted by market forces including the consolidation of larger firms, a sector-wide shift towards design-build and integrated project delivery (IPD), a graying workforce, and the challenge of identifying and growing the next generation of leader-managers.

The proven ability of our team to serve global organizations at the highest level goes beyond the 50-plus years of collective search experience we bring to the table. Prior to becoming consultants, our senior team held management roles in the engineering, construction, and energy sectors. This experience provides a rare edge with regard to identifying trends, anticipating challenges, and recognizing opportunities for our clients. Extending more broadly than the recruitment aspect of the equation, our approach is informed by category-specific knowledge, regular dialogue with senior leaders, and the perspective that comes with having been there.

In addition, we partner with our sister business lines to offer the following services to our clients:

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